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Hudson Contract vs Ontime CIS Payroll Service

Hudson Contract

Hudson Contract is the largest contracting solution provider for the Construction Industry, setup in 1996, they quickly grew to be the market leader and presently serve some of the largest construction firms within the UK.

Being the largest contract solution provider Hudson are also one of the most expensive, so much so making it completely unaffordable for many small to medium sized constructions companies who are looking for a long term CIS Payroll solution.

CIS Payroll

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) sets out rules of how payments are made to sub-contractors within the construction industry, it also ensures that sub contractors are in fact self employed which is determined by a number of factors.

Ontime CIS

Ontime’s low cost CIS solution
In this tough economic climate we believe we have the solution, a robust CIS Contract service but at the fraction of the premium price. Our CIS contracts are water tight, guaranteeing  you complete protection from HMRC fines and penalties, our prices start at only £7.50 per contractor per week.

Ontime’s dedicated staff have years of experience in the industry, we also offer an Umbrella service as well as helping business understand and comply with their new auto enrolment duties.

We have been in the contracting sector for many years now, our business and customer base have grown rapidly in the past few years especially as the UK economy begins its recovery in the post recession era.
The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the UK that has a huge impact on Britain’s GDP, just as it was one of the mostly affected sectors by the credit crunch, it is also extremely vital in the path to recovery.

Using sub-contracting is vital for thousands of construction companies throughout the UK, without contracting they would not be able operate profitably and hence the whole UK economy would be affected.

We believe that our company plays a crucial role in this path to recovery for the UK economy and hence our service is not only exceptional but also affordable.

To discuss your needs give us a call today on 0113 8267260.


Hudson Contract

Ontime will work with you.

Let Ontime pay your workforce and say no to:
✓ Social Security costs (currently 13.8%)
✓ Responsibility for paying National Insurance, holiday or sick pay
✓ Future employee pension contributions
✓ Responsibility for employment rights and associated costs
✓ Involvement with grievance procedures
✓ Establishing your workers’ ‘self-employed’ status – we do that and ensure it remains protected
✓ Hitting or miss invoicing – we raise professional invoices on workers’ behalf
✓ Legal requirement to comply with Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)
✓ Limits on savings – regardless of number of workers or your company’s size
✓ Burdensome payroll overhead – your workers are paid through us
✓ We’re not an agenicies – YOU recruit and set the rates of pay
✓ NO UTR required – we will arrange this in due course… your new worker can legally start work on day one
✓ NO hidden entry or exit fees – you make just one weekly payment to us
✓ NO ‘locked-in’ contractual commitment – you’re free to leave at any time


Call today on 0113 8267260

Some further information regarding CIS at the government’s website.
What you must do as a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) contractor

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