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Brexit – Good or Bad

The Brexit has been the talk of the nation for the most part of of 2016, but how does it affect the construction industry?

A survey conducted in the beginning of 2016 by Smith & Williamson a financial group, revealed that only 15% of large construction executives favored the UK leaving EU.

This shows that financially speaking the UK’s construction industry would be negatively affected by the Brexit, although the opinions of the executes could also be politically influenced.

Free movement

One of the major benefits of countries part of the EU is the freedom of residing and working in any part of EU for those holding nationality of countries within the EU.

Many laborers and contractors within the construction industry are non-UK nationals, if this free movement was abolished then these workers, skiller or non-skilled would instead take up jobs in countries such as France, Germany or Italy.

This would either slow down growth in the construction sector or free up jobs for British workers.

Whatever your opinion is, there is still time to see the affects of a post-Brexit construction industry.


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