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Fairgate Construction Services closing?

Fairgate Construction Services Ltd was one of the largest payroll providers to the construction industry, they specialised in Umbrella and CIS payroll.

“Fairgate have seized trading, give us a call on 01138267260 to see how we can help”

Rumours of Fairgate closing sent shock waves throughout the construction and payroll industry. With the recession firmly in the past and the UK economy growing at a steady pace, construction was on the rise, even visually we see the housing projects and developments which had been on hold for years now being completed.

The reason for Fairgate struggling is not quite clear just yet but early speculations suggest that they lost a lot of business to smaller competitors.

Construction companies are now beginning to realise that payroll services such as CIS and Umbrella are pretty much the same from every provider, the difference is simply in the level of customer service they provide, but large payroll companies charge a great deal more which has no justification.

Lets see how Fairgate cope in the coming weeks and lets hope they survive this difficult time for the sake of their employees and their families.

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