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Hudson Contract agreement stolen by Phoenix Payment Solutions

Hudson was in for a shock when a potential client pointed out that their contract seemed very similar to that of another CIS Payroll company called Phoenix Payments Solutions.

There are already many CIS Payroll companies out there and new ones are cropping up every other week, with increasing competition Payroll companies need to develop a robust marketing strategy in order to survive, but what Pheonix Payments Solution did has no justifications.

In order to stress they are “Better than Hudson but cheaper” they managed to acquire a contract belonging to Hudson Contract and just replaced the name. This by any business standards is theft and forgery.

After being approached by Hudson Contract and with the risk of a hefty compensation to pay, Phoenix Payment Solutions liquidated leaving their CIS contractors and sub-contractors hanging in the dark.

If you’re looking for a CIS Payroll company to process your sub-contractors, make sure you do basic due diligence in order to identify whether a the company is reliable or not.


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