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Why Ontime CIS Payroll?

WHY Ontime Contracts


We are the UK’s trusted CIS Contract & Payroll Partner

If you want to hire sub-contractors, we will cut your costs, save you time and trouble; eliminate your risks and responsibilities to make your business leaner and more competitive

We provide our clients with a fast and efficient service which meets all your contracting needs.
Our staff are fully trained to ensure professionalism to the highest quality standard that is unparalleled.

Ontime is a revenue labour-only subcontractor that engages sub-contractors introduced by you, for supply back to you.

Ontime’s services enable Clients to

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Administration
  • Protect Gross Payment Status
  • Protect ‘Subbies’ Self Employment Status
  • Maintain the flexibility to increase and reduce labour as required

Ontime removes the Risks & costs associated with direct employment.

Using HMRC verified subcontractors and genuine self-employed resources, we make sure that you not only save money but are also shielded from unanticipated legislative non-conformance liabilities and we become responsible for all “employment” issues and CIS administration.

Our clients eliminate Employer’s National Insurance, holiday pay, grievance procedures, and all the other time-and-money swallowing ‘red tape’ attached to hiring your workforce.

These sub-contractors cannot be reclassified as employees or workers by either HMRC or an Employment tribunal

Our contracts are water tight and protect the ‘self-employed’ status of your subcontractors. This affords you protection from legal and tribunal challenges many of which can and have wiped out construction businesses

We take legal responsibility for contracted self-employed Subcontractor/workers and any employment challenges that arise, negating your tax, employment, and employee related responsibilities

We provide you with a legal framework developed by our specialist litigation team to make sure that your interests are protected.

Plain & Simple

Introduce your subcontractors to us, and we will:
Enter contracts with them and supply them back to you
Faster bank payment with email and SMS alerts to keep them informed
Email/post pay slips

Professional invoices produced and issued to your company

Ontime are 100% compliant in tax and employment law


Let Ontime pay your workforce and say no to:
✓NO Social Security costs (currently 13.8%)
✓NO responsibility for paying National Insurance, holiday or sick pay
✓NO future employee pension contributions
✓NO responsibility for employment rights and associated costs
✓NO involvement with grievance procedures
✓NO need to establish your workers’ ‘self-employed’ status – we do that and ensure it remains protected
✓NO hit or miss invoicing – we raise professional invoices on workers’ behalf
✓NO legal requirement to comply with Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)
✓NO limits on savings – regardless of number of workers or your company’s size
✓NO burdensome payroll overhead – your workers are paid through us
✓NO we’re not an agency – YOU recruit and set the rates of pay
✓NO UTR required – we will arrange this in due course… your new worker can legally start work on day one
✓NO hidden entry or exit fees – you make just one weekly payment to us
✓NO ‘locked-in’ contractual commitment – you’re free to leave at any time



If you have further queries please call us on 0113 8267260 or click here to use our online contact form.

Tax Return Service only £100

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