Let an expert outsource provider deal with your payroll

Why outsource your payroll to Ontime?

Payroll is often the biggest cost to an organisation, and, yet is regularly thought of as being mundane and unimportant. However, using an expert outsource provider such as Ontime to deal with your payroll can bring a variety of benefits for a business, such as:

Outsourcing payroll allows you to see a transparent, actual cost of payroll and also reduce/eliminate the variable cost burdens such as updating technology, systems and staff recruitment and training.

One of your main reasons for outsourcing to a specialist provider should be that it frees up time and resources to concentrate on strategic areas such as recruitment, retention and staff performance that have a direct impact on profitability. Ontime will take on the day to day management and responsibility for delivering consistent results and will be proactive by developing the payroll service and benefits to the business.

Payroll is fundamental to an organisation. If people don’t get paid, the organisation will not exist beyond the very short term. If there are inaccuracies with payroll, it will have a direct impact on staff motivation and morale.

Businesses that rely on a single member of staff to handle the payroll are placing themselves in a highly vulnerable position if that person leaves or is absent. By outsourcing to Ontime you can be sure that there is a team of payroll professionals managing your payroll.

Outsourcing payroll can improve the quality of management information. Ontime offers tailored management information and reporting so that your payroll can bring rich and timely information into your business.

With the constant stream of new and changing legislation the complexities and demands of today’s payroll are increasing. Compliance is essential and having the security of working with payroll experts means it is one less thing to worry about. Ontime will keep you up to date with the latest legislation and statutory requirements. By selecting to work with Ontime you can ensure your payroll is managed by payroll professionals not payroll administrators.

Payroll data is extremely sensitive and in light of this Ontime have high levels of data security to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

Remove the Additional time & effort required to comply with Auto Enrolment Workplace Pension Regulations, your responsibilities will not go away and you need to very carefully consider your options regarding AE.

  • Receiving payroll data from you
  • Loading that data into our systems
  • Uploading tax code changes from HMRC
  • Processing the payroll data
  • Checking the payroll output for accuracy
  • Passing the payroll output back to you for final verification
  • Printing of payslips and reports and distribution according to agreed instructions
  • Creating Bacs transfers for payments or advising you of the payments needed
  • Liaising with HMRC regarding queries arising
  • Preparing P45’s for leavers
  • Dealing with the year-end routine and issuing P60’s

Doing their own Payroll

  • “I just seem to spend all my time on the phone to HMRC call centres – I never get to speak to the same person twice.”
  • “Mistakes are being made by our own staff, and no-one will sort them out.”
  • “I am spending more time on payroll than running the business”


Using other Payroll Companies

  • “It’s costing far more than I thought – there are so many hidden extras.”
  • “They don’t seem to care about my business – we’re just another account amongst hundreds.”


If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to be thinking again about your payroll outsourcing solution?

Auto Enrolment

Are you worried about complying with the new workplace pension legislation?

New law which came into existence in 2012 states that any eligible employee should be automatically enrolled onto a workplace pension scheme, most full time employees will fit the criteria as they just need to be aged between 22 and the state pension age.

It is solely the employers responsibility to make provisions in order to comply with this law, the process is completely automatic for the employee as they are merely informed when they are enrolled, hence the name auto enrolment, but it is anything but automatic for the employer with many factors to consider and procedures to follow.

Just to mention some of the steps you as an employer need to take:

Workout staging date

Assess each employee to determine if they meet the eligibility criteria

Register with Government’s Gateway website

Choose a workplace pension provider

Calculate employee and employer contributions

Declare compliance with the Pensions Regulator

Prepare employee communication

Suitable Scheme

It is vital that just for the sake of compliance the most important element of auto enrolment is not neglected, that is selecting the most suitable pension scheme for your employees.

Large corporations have offered workplace pensions to their employees for a long time, this is because they understand that looking after the welfare of employees also benefits the employer in the long run. An employee will work harder and have a pleasant attitude towards their employer, which will ultimately lead to a proactive workforce.

The government’s objective behind enforcing auto enrolment is to tackle the problem of an ageing population which would otherwise be heavily reliant on the welfare state, workplace pensions ensure that working people are given the opportunity to save for a better retirement with the added benefit of the employer also financially contributing.

Ontime is here to help your company set up auto enrolment in a timely and stress free manner, remember it is a legal duty for every employer to comply and heavy fines are on their way.

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