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Ontime offers full access to an unbeatable benefits package. You will receive a login for our website which features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts to help your money go that little bit further!

Health and wellbeing solutions across the Workplace offers 24/7 access to unlimited Free mental health and wellbeing supports, including a personal Mental Health Coach and open-ended therapy, at the touch of a button and savings for a large number of recognised high street brands from 4-80% off, Travel, Dominoes, Discounts, Local deals, Cinema tickets, Sporting Events, Theme Parks and thousands more in the UK and also globally.


If you’re thinking about writing a will, you need to get Willbox. Willbox is a purpose built app specifically designed for will writing. Creating a will with Willbox is extremely simple and only takes about 20-30 minutes. Using our app, we’ll guide you through each stage of making a will. We’ll do it in a language that you understand. No jargon, just straight-up talk!

Share your Will with your important people once you’ve completed it and store important documents in our digital vault, so you have a centralised place to house your estate, personal and financial documents securely. Detail Special gifts in your Will that you would like to pass down to family members and friends, you can even add photos of those gifts into the body of the Will. We know that life circumstances change all the time and with that comes the need to update your Will. When you use Willbox, you can make unlimited changes to your Will, for free, for life.

Once you’ve completed your will, make sure you get it signed and witnessed so that it’s legally binding. Willbox is not a substitute for a solicitor’s advice about advanced will planning and complex estate issues. Information stored in Willbox is accessible via the app on your device. Please ensure you use adequate access security on your device.

By using Ontime you can claim your free Will and access to the Willbox app and all its features FREE for a whole YEAR!

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